Performance psychologists do not necessarily equal performance psychology.

The psychology of performance, as a branch of psychology pretty much is what the title suggests a domain within psychology that focuses on the way the mind works (or needs to work) to be able to perform at a high level when it counts time after time. The ability to perform, when it matters is a key characteristic of many performance environments within human endeavour including: sport, business, surgery, the emergency services, the military, and aviation. Those performers who

Collaboration the key to good PR

Having left another meeting with potential clients lamenting the fact that I had to again explain what being ‘qualified’ as a sport psychologist actually means, I think it is time for action. There is still much undermining of the profession that is taking place due to poor communication and dare I say it marketing. In the UK, as in other countries the dilution of the key messages that occurs through too many different organisations having a stake is constraining the professi

Professional development after ‘qualification’ for sport psychologists

While attending the International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) 2014 in Paris this week I have been fortunate to be able to attend many excellent presentations so far. However, a couple of comments by one specific presenter has started me thinking. The presentation was delivered by the Belgian Professor of Sport Psychology Paul Wylleman. Paul made two really interesting points. First, he questioned whether it was really possible for one consultant to be able to delive

Sport psychologists – are they all the same?

Following a conversation with the Head of Science and Medicine at a professional sports club last week I have been considering whether sport psychology is all the same, and as a result whether some practitioners are better suited to some environments over others. This emerged following the conversation I mentioned previously. The Head of Science and Medicine contacted me for a recommendation for a consultant to work with some of the clubs first team professional players. It t