Collaboration the key to good PR

Having left another meeting with potential clients lamenting the fact that I had to again explain what being ‘qualified’ as a sport psychologist actually means, I think it is time for action. There is still much undermining of the profession that is taking place due to poor communication and dare I say it marketing. In the UK, as in other countries the dilution of the key messages that occurs through too many different organisations having a stake is constraining the professi

How to measure effectiveness as a sport psychologist

Increasingly in a range of spheres of life professionals are required to measure, report, and demonstrate impact. This is seen as how the things that they do, and the services that they provide result in a change for the better. In funded sport in the UK there is an increasing focus on ‘a return for our money’ approach where sports and teams have to demonstrate to the purse string holders just how each service that is employed or purchased helps to achieve the sports strategi

Do the public know what we do?

Over the last ten years I have noticed that sport psychology in the UK has been very preoccupied with issues relating to professional bodies, professional accreditation/certification, regulation and academic rigor. Now I would not dispute the importance of any of these issues, but over this period I can’t help but think that the focus on the client has been lost, if it was ever there in the first place. ychology status, professional qualification, and the number of degrees t