Decision-making training in sport

Performance in sport is characterised by the ability to make the right decisions under pressure. Indeed, if you consider sports currently in the headlines with the FIFA 2014 Football World cup in Brazil, the All England Tennis Championships at Wimbledon, and the recent Cricket Test Match Series between England and Sri Lanka effective decision-making in all three is key. However, historically the notion of the ‘right’ decision has not been well articulated. In the UK in partic

Supporting the support team when away on tour

Understandably there is significant attention paid to the physical, mental, and emotion well being of players and teams when away from home either on training camps or in tournaments/competitions.  Both the provision and need for this support is further increased when this involves travelling overseas to different parts of the world, often in different time zones with different social, cultural and culinary norms. The benefits of providing such support to players are increasi

Everyone’s a psychologist – so what should the psychologist do?

Watching the Abu Dhabi grand prix yesterday, there was an interesting discussion in which the commentators suggested that the engineers also need to be psychologists as well working with the drivers in the race. I thought this was a very interesting and relevant point, and it then started me thinking about what a sport psychologist should actually be doing when working with teams and individuals. In the UK now the coach education process is very comprehensive, coaches are wel