A little confidence goes a long way

The Ashes are back, the great cricket rivalry between England and Australia recommences in earnest this week in Brisbane, Australia. It only seems like earlier this year that the two teams were battling for supremacy . . . . . wait a minute . . . . it was earlier this year! The current year presents an anomaly regarding the contest between the two nations. To avoid a clash between the Ashes and the Cricket world cup in Australia in 2015 the latest round of the contest in Aust

Winning, losing, and momentum in sport

Watching the American Football over the weekend I was particularly interested in the references to winning and losing streaks. This concept is different to but not vastly dissimilar to the ‘form guides’ that are often reported on sport in the UK. Look at many versions of football league tables for example and you will also see a six game form guide (won, lost, drawn). So is form important in determining future performance? Can a team get on a roll and become more likely to wi

The psychology of cricket

To coincide with the Launch of my new book titled ‘Psychology of cricket’ that I have co-authored with Dr Jamie Barker I thought I would share a few thoughts on the psychology of the game in my blog post this week. Cricket is an interesting game, with many facets, but I think a significant aspect of cricket – like many sports is confidence. Form is everything in cricket. Players often talk about either being ‘in form’ or ‘out of touch’. But what does this term ‘form’ actuall