Rebranding sport and exercise psychology for the 21st century

Reflecting on my professional career to date I have always been very interested in how we as a profession are perceived by the ‘real world’ and potential clients. There are broader questions that emerge about what constitutes a profession, but they are beyond the scope of this month’s blog. So back to the main topic, I have become increasingly interested in the breadth of our specialism / interest. The UK government register for practitioners (HCPC) refers to registered Sport

Psychology or sport science? The international dilemma.

Increasingly I am beginning to appreciate that the discussions in the UK about whether sport psychologists should emerge from a psychology or sport science tradition reflect an international debate. In the UK the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) have been engaged in this debate. The UK government inadvertently got involved in the mid 2000s when looking to protect the title ‘psychologist’ but this has not r

Sport psychology, confidence tricks and the dark arts

I read with interest the comments of Paulo Di Canio, the head coach/manager of Sunderland football club in the English Premier League at the weekend. Di Canio is quoted as saying that he knows all he needs to know about getting inside players minds. He also stated that he was not going as far as saying that sport psychologists should not work in football, although I think there was a big ‘but’ behind that statement that spoke volumes. I am not sure if this speaks of an insec

What is the best CPD for sport psychologists?

We all know that we need to engage in continued professional development as qualified/ registered practitioners, but what is sometimes slightly less well articulated is exactly what this CPD should be. Should we be looking to develop our skills, or knowledge or both? Conferences, for example, can be a great way to network and keep up-to-date with research and applied practice in the sector. However, it is always important to remember that a conference is only as good as it’s

What’s in a name? Does it matter what our job title is?

The question of what we should call ourselves as practitioner applied sport psychologists appears to have been an ever present throughout my time as a practicing professional. There are legal and professional accreditation / qualification views on this, but for the sake of this post I will put them to one side. Instead, I am focusing on the titles we use to try and have the greatest positive impact upon our clients. Throughout my career I have come across both individual prac

Sharing practice in applied sport psychology

Applied sport psychology consultants are both committed and required to engage in continued professional development (CPD). Indeed there are now a range of organisations and bodies that seek to be the ‘home’ of CPD for applied sport psychology consultants across the world. However, while these bodies exist there appears to be a misalignment regarding the services that they provide for their members. Indeed there appears to be a significant focus on qualification, certificatio