What counts as evidence for evidence-based practice?

Throughout my time as a trainee sport psychologist and since becoming fully qualified a number of years ago I have consistently heard the phrase ‘evidence-based practice’. Now, while I broadly agree with this as a concept it does lead me to think what exactly is evidence? I find it interesting that ‘evidence’ usually refers to academic published literature. While this is an important source of information this approach to evidence does have its limitations. First, how ecologi

Sharing practice in applied sport psychology

Applied sport psychology consultants are both committed and required to engage in continued professional development (CPD). Indeed there are now a range of organisations and bodies that seek to be the ‘home’ of CPD for applied sport psychology consultants across the world. However, while these bodies exist there appears to be a misalignment regarding the services that they provide for their members. Indeed there appears to be a significant focus on qualification, certificatio