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Performance psychologists do not necessarily equal performance psychology.

The psychology of performance, as a branch of psychology pretty much is what the title suggests a domain within psychology that focuses on the way the mind works (or needs to work) to be able to perform at a high level when it counts time after time. The ability to perform, when it matters is a key characteristic of many performance environments within human endeavour including: sport, business, surgery, the emergency services, the military, and aviation. Those performers who

Promoting your services as a sport psychologist

Marketing, promotion and advertising are all important considerations for applied sport psychology consultants. The question though is what is the best way to go about doing it? Particularly as significant amounts of work result from recommendation and word of mouth. This is particularly challenging as the British Psychological Society in the UK actively encourage members to not use client statements and endorsements in their marketing. However, the challenge is a very real o

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