Performance psychologists do not necessarily equal performance psychology.

The psychology of performance, as a branch of psychology pretty much is what the title suggests a domain within psychology that focuses on the way the mind works (or needs to work) to be able to perform at a high level when it counts time after time. The ability to perform, when it matters is a key characteristic of many performance environments within human endeavour including: sport, business, surgery, the emergency services, the military, and aviation. Those performers who

What’s in a name? The HCPC’s role in sport and exercise psychology

There is still considerable confusion in the UK regarding the regulation of the use of protected titles and the role of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Recently I was fortunate enough to attend a meeting with HCPC organised by the BPS Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology that provided the opportunity to ask specific questions and to clarify a range of issues. As such, I feel I have much greater clarity regarding the role of HCPC and the regulation of the

Enhancing the future of the profession

I write this blog as votes are being cast for the next chair elect of the British Psychological Society Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP). As you might already be aware I have put myself forward as a candidate. One of the reasons for this is my passion for, and commitment to, helping our profession to move forward. I feel that as a profession we still have not resolved the issues that arose from the introduction of the HCPC register in 2009. This has resulted i

Contemporary and innovative practice: CPD in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Across the world a significant time and effort is invested within the profession of sport, exercise, and performance (SEP) psychology in qualification, accreditation, and recognition schemes. Understandably this is very important, we need to ensure everyone who operates under the banner of sport and exercise psychology is appropriately qualified and fit for practice. However, this intense focus on qualification does appear to often be at the expense of continuing to develop t

Sport psychology: A great career choice!

With all the bad news out there at the moment about the economy, employment, debts, and the cost of living I thought it was worth reflecting on the job that I do as a sport psychologist. I have had a passion for the discipline ever since studying it as part of my A-levels at school (too many years ago to think about). That initial exposure to the subject ignited a passion in me for understanding the mind and it’s impact upon sports performance and participation. This determin