Decision-making and England’s impending exit from the World Cup

Following the England football teams (it appears) early exit from the FIFA2014 World Cup in Brazil after their 2-1 defeat to Uruguay; the usual inquest is taking place. Already the media are questioning the commitment of the players, and in some quarters even asking for the manager to be relieved of his duties. But what is the reason why England appear to be on their way out of the tournament? In the two games so far England have played well in parts and contributed significa

Momentum and collective collapse in sport

With the 4th One Day International (ODI) taking place between England and Sri Lanka today I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on the previous two games. Both games have been incredibly one-sided, but not to the same team. In the previous game England bowled Sri Lanka out for 67, and won by 10 wickets (for any non-cricket fans that is a low score and big winning margin). But in the ODI before that Sri-Lanka bowled England out for 99 after scoring 256-8, which was

What will it take for England to be mentally tough enough to win the world cup?

Ok, I know this is a long shot, but what would it take for England to win the World cup? It could be argued that the current squad are not as talented as previous squads, but like any of the 32 teams in the finals they have a chance. So what exactly are the mental challenges that England need to overcome? The first one that jumps to mind when talking about England in major tournaments is wining penalty shootouts. Unfortunately England have a tendency to self destruct. But is

What is the shelf-life of a sports team?

The debacle that was the performance of the England cricket team in Australia has brought to the fore the issue of the longevity of sports teams. There is no doubting that the England cricket team were once an excellent team both in terms of individual performances, and in terms of the performance of the team. However, by the end of the Ashes series there was pretty wide spread recognition that this current team had reached the end of the line. The questions now being posed i

A little confidence goes a long way

The Ashes are back, the great cricket rivalry between England and Australia recommences in earnest this week in Brisbane, Australia. It only seems like earlier this year that the two teams were battling for supremacy . . . . . wait a minute . . . . it was earlier this year! The current year presents an anomaly regarding the contest between the two nations. To avoid a clash between the Ashes and the Cricket world cup in Australia in 2015 the latest round of the contest in Aust

The Indian team are under pressure to perform – can they cope?

The big challenge in any performance environment is to be able to deliver when it counts. Whether it is in sport, medicine, the military, the theatre, or in music the ability to do it when it counts is of fundamental importance. Coping with the associated pressure in these environments is an important aspect of this ability to perform. But, in order to cope with this pressure you need to first understand where pressure comes from. All pressure is ultimately an internal constr

Play to your strengths to bounce back from defeat

The first cricket test match between India and England ended a couple of days ago with a victory for the home team by what ultimately was a comprehensive margin (9 wickets). England have a history of performing poorly when playing in the Indian sub continent, so on the face of it England are on course for another comprehensive series loss. But maybe this time things are going to be a little different. True, in the first half of the match England were not really at the races.