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Winter Sports

One to one consultations

These Individual sessions seek to find solutions to current problems and barriers to performance. There is also a focus on understanding the individual’s strengths and how to maximise future potential.
One-to-one consultancy is underpinned by an initial needs analysis meeting where Stewart develops a detailed understanding of any issues, challenges or problems impacting upon performance, as well as exploring areas of future psychological potential.

Army Soldiers

Team support

Stewart is experienced in developing and implementing team-level interventions to enhance performance outcomes. This engagement with teams can work at multiple levels from environmental/cultural levels down to team dynamics, leadership, and the performance of individuals within the team context. The development of shared understanding within the team is a core aspect of what Stewart does in seeking to maximise performance.

Sports Injury

Injury recovery

Stewart has significant experience providing psychological support to athletes as they cope with injury and the recovery/ rehabilitation process. He has also worked extensively in helping to prepare athletes for their return to training and to competition following recovery from injury. There is a particular focus on maximising wellbeing and coping with the emotions experienced post injury and during rehabilitation.

On a Video Call

Online consulting

As well as offering face-to-face consultancy opportunities Stewart also offers ‘online’ consultancy via Skype, Facetime or Zoom. While the structure of the sessions is the same as face-to-face consultations, online consultancy removes the need to travel for both parties, and enables the client to talk from the comfort of their own home. Online delivery conforms to the UK Consumer Contracts Regulations.

Audience and Lecturer

Guest speaking

Stewart is available to talk about his experiences working as a psychologist over the last 20 years, about careers in psychology, and sport and performance psychology in particular, or on specific topics such as the psychology of winning or performing under pressure.

Lecture Room


Workshops of varying lengths can be delivered either in person or online on psychological topics relating to performance including performing under pressure, personality, teamwork, emotional intelligence and emotional regulation, sleep and stress management.

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