Rebranding sport and exercise psychology for the 21st century

Reflecting on my professional career to date I have always been very interested in how we as a profession are perceived by the ‘real world’ and potential clients. There are broader questions that emerge about what constitutes a profession, but they are beyond the scope of this month’s blog. So back to the main topic, I have become increasingly interested in the breadth of our specialism / interest. The UK government register for practitioners (HCPC) refers to registered Sport

Performance psychologists do not necessarily equal performance psychology.

The psychology of performance, as a branch of psychology pretty much is what the title suggests a domain within psychology that focuses on the way the mind works (or needs to work) to be able to perform at a high level when it counts time after time. The ability to perform, when it matters is a key characteristic of many performance environments within human endeavour including: sport, business, surgery, the emergency services, the military, and aviation. Those performers who

How do you find a sport psychologist?

I always think this is an interesting question. If I was a member of the public and I wanted to find a consultant where would I go? For medical conditions the process is relatively straightforward. You go and see you doctor (GP in the UK) and if you then need specialist support they refer you on to the relevant expert consultant. The process is relatively similar for mental health issues. The doctor will refer you on to a service or to individual practitioners who have been v

Everyone’s a psychologist – so what should the psychologist do?

Watching the Abu Dhabi grand prix yesterday, there was an interesting discussion in which the commentators suggested that the engineers also need to be psychologists as well working with the drivers in the race. I thought this was a very interesting and relevant point, and it then started me thinking about what a sport psychologist should actually be doing when working with teams and individuals. In the UK now the coach education process is very comprehensive, coaches are wel