What counts as evidence for evidence-based practice?

Throughout my time as a trainee sport psychologist and since becoming fully qualified a number of years ago I have consistently heard the phrase ‘evidence-based practice’. Now, while I broadly agree with this as a concept it does lead me to think what exactly is evidence? I find it interesting that ‘evidence’ usually refers to academic published literature. While this is an important source of information this approach to evidence does have its limitations. First, how ecologi

Conducting research in professional sport: What’s in it for the athlete?

There is an increasing demand for more ecologically valid research within sport psychology. This is particularly true when exploring elite sport and sports performance. However, the stumbling block here for researchers has consistently been access to participants. I have listed to many colleagues lament the fact that both professional and elite sports performers are unwilling to participant in their studies. This issue is further complicated by the difficulties in developing

Theory led or innovation driven practice?

Having attended the ‘Sport and Exercise psychology in action’ 1-day conference in Portsmouth, UK yesterday there was an interesting question that formed in my mind.  Should applied sport psychologists be driven by existing theory and research, or should they be innovative and creative in trying to find new original solutions to the problems that they are presented with? The academic sport psychology community is very clear that applied practice should be very clearly underpin