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Everyone’s an expert!

Andy Murray did fantastically well to get to the Men’s final at Wimbledon yesterday, playing against arguably the best male tennis player ever, and yet when he finishes second, everyone it seems knows what went wrong and has advice for him. First, the term often used is ‘failure’, apparently Andy Murray failed to win, he was not beaten by a better opponent. Second, he is mentally not tough enough, how do most observers and commentators know? Have they made it as Grand Slam winning tennis players? If not I don’t think they are really in a position to judge. There was a ‘phone in’ on BBC radio 5 live this morning that focused on what Murray needs to do if he is going to win a grand slam. Surely no one knows better than Andy Murray what he needs to do if he is going to win a grand slam event? I am sure that Murray and his coach will come up with a clear plan for moving forward, but if they are struggling they can always listen to the podcast of the Radio phone in to see what the armchair experts have to say . . . . I am sure it will help!

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