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Team sky should run the England football team!

In my opinion Team Sky should take over the running of the England football team. British cycling have been very effective over recent years at putting in the required performances when it matters. With Sky TVs support Team Sky have also planned for and achieved (unless something goes drastically wrong over the next week) winning the Tour De France, an event in which GB has historically not performed well.  At the time of writing Team Sky riders are first and second in the standings, demonstrating teamwork, professionalism, chivalry, and most importantly the required team performances. Just image what might happen if the England football team adopted a similar approach, identifying what is required to be the best in the world and then planning accordingly. Team Sky and British Cycling outline what the required performance levels are to win and then plan how to achieve them. What personnel do they need? What tactics are required? What technological advances need to be made? In football, we always seem to be stuck with the same self-fulfilling prophecy.  We always appear to ask the question ‘how can we be more like the really successful teams’ rather than ‘how can we be better, how can we be the best’? Instead of imitation we need innovation. So next time the football pundits are lamenting the use of a 4-4-2 formation and how it has no part in the modern game, just think about how team sky might attempt to solve the problem . . . . . . . I am sure it would be innovative, fantastic, and most importantly effective.

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